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Von: Gast am: 22.10.14
We recommend three kinds of niangao that are available in Shanghai. The first is tiaotougao, which has a kind of rice paste wrapping with a red bean paste filling. The outside tastes glutinous but the inside is silky.
Von: Gast am: 22.10.14
In China, these farming techniques are once again getting the recognition they deserve. Another example is the initiative by the Ministry of Agriculture to promote raising ducks in paddies.
Von: Gast am: 22.10.14
FLAMENGO has signed Brazil striker Adriano. Brazil's most popular club made the announcement on its Website on Wednesday. The 27-year-old Adriano was without a team since Inter Milan ended his contract last month after he deserted the Italian club following a World Cup qualifier in Brazil. Adriano said at the time he was taking a break from football because he was unhappy in Italy. Flamengo was Adriano's first team as a professional before he transferred to Europe in 2001.
Von: Opa Willy am: 31.01.14
Unser Lieblingskino, DANKE!!!!!!!! Bitte macht weiter so!!!
Von: Pat am: 04.12.13
Mein Lieblingskino ....neben dem International

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